Thru-Hike: One step at a time into the world of long distance hiking

January 18, 2015

An Introduction to Thru-Hiking in the Bay Area

Photo by Brice Pollock under CC

I completed my first thru-hike on the Ohlone Wilderness Trail by accident. I was simply looking for a short, strenuous backpacking trip to train for a slightly longer, slightly more strenuous backpacking expedition through Yosemite. However, with each prideful completion of a thru-hike I only grow bolder.

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Enjoy Your iPhone More by Ditching These Apps

January 12, 2015

The best replacements for Apple’s worst apps on iOS 8: Notes, Weather and Reminders

Image taken by Brice Pollock under CC standard license

I’m a huge fan of Apple and iOS. However, lately I’ve become increasingly frustrated with the default apps in iOS 8. This frustration is mainly due to the atrocious syncing between OS X and iOS. I’m definitely not the only one who has noticed the drop in quality. So, if you are feeling the pain as well, here are some great replacements for three core iOS Apps: Notes, Weather and Reminders.

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5 Essential Skills for Winter Backpacking

January 4, 2015
Trail to Brokeoff Mountain.

This Thanksgiving instead of sitting at a warm table filling my stomach with turkey I decided to go on a solo winter backpacking trip in Lassen Volcanic National Park in Northern California. I spent all but 24 hours of my five day, 65 mile trip either hiking through or sleeping on 6″ to 24″ of snow. Combined with my 20 years experience with snow and ice in Minneswota I’ve compiled a list of five essential skills for the winter backpacking experience.

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Getting Over Being an Imposter

When I began graduate research as a Mechanical Engineer, I was thrown into learning computer programming for the first time and collaborating with subject matter experts in the virtual reality field. It was exciting, however it only took a few months before I began developing this feeling… A constant fear that I was among geniuses who would promptly disregard, ridicule and discredit me at a moments notice when they discover, with disappointment, that I was not as skilled, intelligent or knowledgeable as I appeared. It wasn’t until watching a fresh new graduate student explain this exact feeling of unworthiness to the senior Ph.D. candiate in the Ph.D moviethat I discovered this feeling was common among those in peer reviewed and technical fields.

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