The Best of Banff Adventure Film

April 5, 2015
David Lama from the film Cerro Torre – A Snowball’s Chance in Hell © Manuel Ferrigato

David Lama from the film Cerro Torre – A Snowball’s Chance in Hell © Manuel Ferrigato under approved Banff Usage

Every year the Banff Mountain Film Festival gets me fired up to push my next expedition even further and leaves me in awe of the modern adventures pursued today. I’ve attended every Banff Film Festival event in the SF Bay Area for the past three years and I love it! I promise you, watching each year’s favorite below will leave you with a new perspective:

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What a GIFF tells you about Geocaching

March 29, 2015

I took an hour the other day to watch the short film finalists for the Geocaching International Film Festival (GIFF). What I liked most about the GIFF is that the films touched on the major themes in geocaching: community, adventure, exploration, memorial and just good fun.

Additionally I loved how real and relatable the GIFF felt. No expensive camera equipment, no fly overs, just a collection of diverse storytellers who feel like normal people you could meet on the street. With all that in mind, get ready to smile and laugh as I share my favorites from the 16 finalists of the GIFF.

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Swift-Snippets: A Max Function for Optionals

March 22, 2015

The other day I needed to compare several values to determine which one was the maximum. Great, there is a max function built into the swift language!

One catch, that max function only takes unwrapped values and I needed to compare optionals. Simply unwrapping these optionals and then calling the built in max function doesn’t scale because you have the same number of permutations as the max comparison implementation itself. Therefore, I decided to write a generic max function that takes optionals:

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What its Really Like Going Solo

March 14, 2015


In November 2014 I decided to spend a week alone in the backcountry to get a taste of the solo backpacking life. Some people love the true solitude, some people hate it. So before I thought anymore about the John Muir Trail I wanted to get a taste. As a plus, the trip was also the longest backpacking trip I’ve done and my first time winter backpacking. It ended up being one of the more difficult physical things I’ve accomplished.

To document the solo experience I journaled daily and I’m hoping that journal can help share the experience with you.

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1000 to 1: Why I Left Medium

March 8, 2015


When I started blogging in 2014 I choose Medium as my platform because it offered a great value-added proposition: A clean, simple interface and algorithmic promotion of my content to readers. After a few posts I was further convinced:

Sobering Up

As a new blogger, Medium was like a drug at first. It was a rush to reach thousands of readers in just a few weeks. However, my 5th blog post bombed with under 50 views in its first week. What happened? I had no idea so I reached out to Medium on Twitter only to be completely ignored.

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Best of the Bay: Geocaching

March 1, 2015


I found my first geocache in the bay area in November 2013. Having just purchased a GPS, I was curious about this global treasure hunting game called geocaching where you find containers others have hidden at specific coordinates. I immediately became hooked. In 2014 I logged 120 geocaches. One of the many reasons why I enjoy the game of geocaching is that it reveals another layer of society. Walk a mile in any direction and you will have walked past one if not multiple geocaches.

Another reason I love geocaching is that the community is so creative. All geocaches have their own cool factor, but some really outshine others in their construction or placement. Today I’m going to celebrate some of the most creative geocaches I’ve found in the bay. If your curious about geocaching I encourage you to go experience their awesomeness!

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How Brands Fail Millennials

February 11, 2015
One Way by John Fraissinet

One Way by John Fraissinet under CC

Millennials are now the biggest age group in the United States so it goes without saying that for a company to be successful it must know how to attract, engage and retain these customers. However, many companies, even new startups, are completely failing regarding engagement with this generation.

These failures are compounded along digital mediums, such as social media, because Millennials share, a lot. Therefore, their word-of-mouth can easily become amplified. Millennial Marketing really nails how important this interaction is in “Why Idea Brands Win With Millennials” by identifying the importance of the two-way conversation.

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The Complete Guide to Skyline to the Sea

February 1, 2015


While I accomplished my first Thru-Hike by accident, my second was more of an idea that nobody said no to. Its hard to argue with the beauty of the Skyline to Sea concept: starting from the South San Francisco Bay, park on top of the first ridge line and start hiking until you hit the ocean.

My original plan was to backpack this route over two days, however some overly ambitious and encouraging cohorts convinced me it was doable in a day with light packs. “Its all downhill” they would repeat at my objections. For better or worse, all it takes is an enabler to get me onboard with doing any number of things.

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Thru-Hike: One step at a time into the world of long distance hiking

January 18, 2015

An Introduction to Thru-Hiking in the Bay Area

Photo by Brice Pollock under CC

I completed my first thru-hike on the Ohlone Wilderness Trail by accident. I was simply looking for a short, strenuous backpacking trip to train for a slightly longer, slightly more strenuous backpacking expedition through Yosemite. However, with each prideful completion of a thru-hike I only grow bolder.

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Enjoy Your iPhone More by Ditching These Apps

January 12, 2015

The best replacements for Apple’s worst apps on iOS 8: Notes, Weather and Reminders

Image taken by Brice Pollock under CC standard license

I’m a huge fan of Apple and iOS. However, lately I’ve become increasingly frustrated with the default apps in iOS 8. This frustration is mainly due to the atrocious syncing between OS X and iOS. I’m definitely not the only one who has noticed the drop in quality. So, if you are feeling the pain as well, here are some great replacements for three core iOS Apps: Notes, Weather and Reminders.

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