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June 12, 2017

RRNWF of Half Dome (2017)

Contact me to support our adventure and help build our outdoor communities.

From Summer 2017 – Summer 2018 Brice Pollock will be taking half a dozen pairs of bright leggings, a sunshine attitude, and a paired-down selection of essential climbing gear on an alpine climbing journey to remote areas across North America, Africa, and Asia. My objective for this project is to share how moderate climbers (the vast majority) can be more adventurous, explore farther and accomplish ambitious objectives.

I have already been working with Yakima’s Tent Department and HeyHeys Adventure Leggings and am looking to partner with other adventure-oriented, conservation-minded brands that can help make this journey possible. In return, I want to help promote those brands and share the stories those brands enable.

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Find the Best Areas to Climb with ‘Where to Climb’

May 16, 2017

Backcountry Nomad just published its second app: Where to Climb (App Store). ‘Where to Climb’ answers that common question ‘where can I go climbing this weekend?’.

It’s happened to us all where a weekend plan is foiled by weather or our favorite area opens up for a perfect weather weekend in shoulder season… That is, if we were paying attention close enough to notice. Instead of checking weather reports for each of these areas, just use your current location to find what areas around you are in prime time as well as the rock climbing routes there.

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Pack List: 500 Trail Miles of Experience in Your Hand

October 10, 2015

Pack List App Icon

The culture of outdoor recreation has been evolving, but the software tools that exist for it have remained stagnate. I’ve seen about a dozen experience-sharing or trail-finding apps rise and fall while the majority my own research still relies on distributed blogs, word of mouth and in person training. That is why I created Pack List, the iOS App to puts years of knowledge and hundreds of miles of backcountry experience in your hand.

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