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June 12, 2017

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Over the next 14 months Sadie Skiles and Brice Pollock will be taking half a dozen pairs of bright leggings, a sunshine attitude, and a paired-down selection of essential climbing gear on an alpine climbing journey to remote areas across North America, Africa, and Asia. Our objective for this project is to share how moderate climbers (the vast majority) can be more adventurous, explore farther and accomplish ambitious objectives.

We are looking to partner with adventure-oriented, conservation-minded brands that can help make this journey possible. In return, we want to help promote those brands and share the stories those brands enable.

Who We Are

Sadie (35, female) is a climber, mountaineer, and backcountry skier, passionate about getting more women outdoors.  She is curating an Instagram account specifically created for this journey called @sadies_not_lost (39-51% organic engagement). [Climbing Resume]

Brice (27, male) is a climber, mountaineer, and trekker, passionate about building outdoor community. He is a storyteller on his adventure blog (2500 monthly views), a founding outdoor community organizer (3600 members) and an experience advocate on Instagram (26-38% organic engagement). He has been a brand ambassador in the past with adventure startup Epic List and has published two outdoor technology apps on the iOS app store: Where to Climb and Pack List. [Climbing Resume]

Finally, we both have established great connections with the NorCal climbing and adventure communities containing thousands of members of all experience levels. For example, Brice’s blog holds the #2 Google search result for Bay Area Backpacking.

Journey Details

North America Areas: Sierras (Yosemite, Shuteye Ridge, Tuolumne Meadows, High Eastern Sierra, SEKI), Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Glacier National Park, Wind River Range, Canadian Rockies (Banff, Rodger’s Pass, Bugaboos), Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Devil’s Tower and Red Rock Canyons.

International Areas: Madagascar, South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, India, Jordan, Nepal, West China and Inner Mongolia (NW China).

Partnership Example

Below is an example of how we have told a story around the Yakima SkyRise with both a detailed gear review and Instagram promotion:

Next week we leave for a 5 month trip climbing around North America and living out of our Yakima Skyrise Tent and our Subaru Outback! @yakimaracks @subaru_usa #subaru #roadtrip #subarulife #climbing #moab #lifeontheroad #skyrise #campyakima #hotelsubaru

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