Computational Perception

April 24, 2012

This course investigated the ability of computers to see, hear and think like humans through projects such as:

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Natural Interaction within Virtual Reality

With a team consisting of Tim Morgan, Brice Pollock and Kurt Willms,  a natural interaction system was implemented within a virtual reality system known as METaL. This system used the open source Kinect DTW project, the Kinect SDK and a VPRN server application using the .NET framework to send commands to the render node of METaL. The render node then took this information to manipulate a scene graph built using OpenSceneGraph, VR Juggler and the Lua scripting language termed JuggLua. As a proof of concept application, a music player application was implemented within METaL, utilizing a FMOD-based music playing library within the JuggLua environment. Watch a demo of this system below: