Accessible Software Design

March 7, 2011

Visual Design for Human Computer Interaction: This course focus around the design of interfaces with human computer interaction and user centered design principals. As a result, each project consisted of audience definition, branding design and interface design. Branding and interface designs were developed through systematic design cycles consisting of multiple exploration, critiquing and finishing steps.


The object of the Play-IT project is to design educational technology to facilitate social inclusion between children with and without autism.




Let’s Pop is an interactive computer program to encourage reading in elementary aged autistic students and non-autistic students. This application is internet based for a low cost and easily deployable solution. It is inspired from the interactive reading game “popcorn” where a student reads part of a text aloud as long as they wish and then calls upon the next student to read aloud. It was designed to involve Midwestern boys in grades 1-6 with and without autistic characteristics on an equal playing level through heavy customization of the interface. For more detail on the project, click the links below:

Reading Assistant ___________ Animation Examples

Interface Description 1/3 ___________ Interface Description 2/3 ___________Interface Description 3/3