VR Haunted House

December 8, 2011

In 2011 a volunteer team of graduate students from the Virtual Reality Application Center (VRAC) at Iowa State University planned and executed the first annual virtual reality haunted house. The project was a fantastic success, hosting 1400+ people over three days in October.

Brice Pollock lead the development team to create several standalone graphics applications immersed within a physical environment. In this position, Brice engineered the object oriented application architecture and code base while directing the team’s application development.

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Virtual Reality Haunted House Team (video)

Development: Brice Pollock, Ken Kopecky, Joseph Holub, Nik Karpinsky and Trevor Richardson

Operations:     Stacy MacCallister and Katie Goebel

Art:                       John Brix and Andrew Navratil

Advisor:            Dr. Eliot Winer

Funding and support for this project was provided by  the VRAC.