What a GIFF tells you about Geocaching

I took an hour the other day to watch the short film finalists for the Geocaching International Film Festival (GIFF). What I liked most about the GIFF is that the films touched on the major themes in geocaching: community, adventure, exploration, memorial and just good fun.

Additionally I loved how real and relatable the GIFF felt. No expensive camera equipment, no fly overs, just a collection of diverse storytellers who feel like normal people you could meet on the street. With all that in mind, get ready to smile and laugh as I share my favorites from the 16 finalists of the GIFF.

The Ubercache (Theme: Community)

How to Geocache in Thailand (Theme: Exploration)

Adrenaline (Theme: Adventure)

Remember the Fallen (Theme: Memorandum)

The Deadliest Cache (Theme: Just good hearted fun)