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Tunnels and Tree Forts on a Bike Tour to China Camp

Our tent atop the tree fort we built at China Camp

I always knew I would love bicycle touring, but now I finally had the opportunity to prove it. I’m all about human-powered transit whether it be running, bicycling, skiing, backpacking or something else. So when someone proposed a backpacking overnight it was easy to say yes. The weather had some potential for rain, but both days proved to be some of the clearest views in the bay I’ve seen in months. I bicycled through a tunnel and built a tree fort at China Camp so, easy to say a good weekend.


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Best of the Bay: Training Hikes

Looking towards Mt. Tyndall (14,026′) on way to summit Mt. Williamson (14,380′)

Need to keep fit for a big backpacking trip or mountain climb? Maybe eye’ing a Shasta summit? The best way to train for such trips is to spend more time in nature and pack a heavy bag (30-40lbs). Stay away from the business of Mission Peak and use these go-to hikes for building up confidence, strength and endurance. Click this link for map of each route.


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Best of The Bay: Mines


I’m always looking for parks that have a unique story. I’ve found the Bay Area to have a rich mining history and I find those mining artifacts really add to the outdoor experience. Especially the ones you can explore yourself!

Lucky you, I’ve done all the research to find three favorite parks hosting mines so you so you can simply head out and discover!


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Best of the Bay: Overnight Backpacking within Two Hours


When I envision camping I picture undisturbed wilderness and sounds of trees blowing in the breeze among singing birds. Backpacking provides this ability to see nature off the beaten path, experience nature’s pristineness and escape the summer crowds and noise of car camping sites. However, not every backpacking trip needs to be a multi-day ordeal. No matter where you are in the SF Bay Area there is an accessible and beautiful location near you. Read on for my regional favorites and a complete catalogue of all backpacking sites within two hours of the SF Bay Area.


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Best of the Bay: Geocaching


I found my first geocache in the bay area in November 2013. Having just purchased a GPS, I was curious about this global treasure hunting game called geocaching where you find containers others have hidden at specific coordinates. I immediately became hooked. In 2014 I logged 120 geocaches. One of the many reasons why I enjoy the game of geocaching is that it reveals another layer of society. Walk a mile in any direction and you will have walked past one if not multiple geocaches.

Another reason I love geocaching is that the community is so creative. All geocaches have their own cool factor, but some really outshine others in their construction or placement. Today I’m going to celebrate some of the most creative geocaches I’ve found in the bay. If your curious about geocaching I encourage you to go experience their awesomeness!


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