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What its Really Like Going Solo


In November 2014 I decided to spend a week alone in the backcountry to get a taste of the solo backpacking life. Some people love the true solitude, some people hate it. So before I thought anymore about the John Muir Trail I wanted to get a taste. As a plus, the trip was also the longest backpacking trip I’ve done and my first time winter backpacking. It ended up being one of the more difficult physical things I’ve accomplished.

To document the solo experience I journaled daily and I’m hoping that journal can help share the experience with you.


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5 Essential Skills for Winter Backpacking

Trail to Brokeoff Mountain.

This Thanksgiving instead of sitting at a warm table filling my stomach with turkey I decided to go on a solo winter backpacking trip in Lassen Volcanic National Park in Northern California. I spent all but 24 hours of my five day, 65 mile trip either hiking through or sleeping on 6″ to 24″ of snow. Combined with my 20 years experience with snow and ice in Minneswota I’ve compiled a list of five essential skills for the winter backpacking experience.


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