The Complete Guide to Patagonia

January 9, 2016
Lago de los Tres hike near El Chalten

Lago de los Tres hike near El Chalten

You are all set on going to Patagonia, but don’t know what you want to do down there yet? First thing to know is there are three main regions: Northern (Lakes District), Central and South. Most people however think of Southern Patagonia when they think of Patagonia. Below you’ll find the boots on the ground knowledge I gained from spending three weeks in Southern Patagonia in November 2015.

In the links here you’ll find the articles I’ve written about Southern Patagonia. First off, given it can take a couple days to get into and out of Patagonia people often wonder whether to go to Chilean or Argentinian Patagonia. While I recommend seeing both, the best way is to take a look at the cities of Patagonia. Also, reading about the parks and places of both Chile and Argentina.

Finally, many people are attracted to Patagonia via the W-Trek. For starters you should read my trial report on hiking the W, how to prepare for the trek and what the refugio experience is like in Torres del Paine. However, I’ll warn you that if you enjoy backcountry, the W-hike won’t offer that pristine and remote environment you are used to. Don’t despair, check out the other options in the parks and places above.