Find the Best Areas to Climb with ‘Where to Climb’

Backcountry Nomad just published its second app: Where to Climb (App Store). ‘Where to Climb’ answers that common question ‘where can I go climbing this weekend?’.

It’s happened to us all where a weekend plan is foiled by weather or our favorite area opens up for a perfect weather weekend in shoulder season… That is, if we were paying attention close enough to notice. Instead of checking weather reports for each of these areas, just use your current location to find what areas around you are in prime time as well as the rock climbing routes there.

The controls to filter and sort are provided so you only see the areas you are interested in. Users can also specify a date in the future to figure out what areas are typically in season a certain time of year!

Currently this is optimized for the SF Bay Area while I get feedback from the community. Give it a shot and shoot me a message on Twitter if you have comments.