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Oh Shit! An Elk Gored my Tent!


Sometimes we go to nature, sometimes nature comes to us. This week I bring you a guest post by Mariel Reed about her recent adventure in Northern California.

“The Lost Coast”– a wild, and sometimes dangerous, 50+ mile stretch of California coastline– lives up to its name. The landscape feels like a land before time. In just 24 hours, two friends and I (Mariel) faced a stubborn mountain lion, intense winds and rain, and rowdy Roosevelt Elk. The beauty and wilderness of the Lost Coast took our breath away (and, um, our tent). But we escaped with our lives, and our thirst for adventure intact. Here’s the full story– and why you should go.


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What its Really Like Going Solo


In November 2014 I decided to spend a week alone in the backcountry to get a taste of the solo backpacking life. Some people love the true solitude, some people hate it. So before I thought anymore about the John Muir Trail I wanted to get a taste. As a plus, the trip was also the longest backpacking trip I’ve done and my first time winter backpacking. It ended up being one of the more difficult physical things I’ve accomplished.

To document the solo experience I journaled daily and I’m hoping that journal can help share the experience with you.


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Best of the Bay: Geocaching


I found my first geocache in the bay area in November 2013. Having just purchased a GPS, I was curious about this global treasure hunting game called geocaching where you find containers others have hidden at specific coordinates. I immediately became hooked. In 2014 I logged 120 geocaches. One of the many reasons why I enjoy the game of geocaching is that it reveals another layer of society. Walk a mile in any direction and you will have walked past one if not multiple geocaches.

Another reason I love geocaching is that the community is so creative. All geocaches have their own cool factor, but some really outshine others in their construction or placement. Today I’m going to celebrate some of the most creative geocaches I’ve found in the bay. If your curious about geocaching I encourage you to go experience their awesomeness!


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The Complete Guide to Skyline to the Sea


While I accomplished my first Thru-Hike by accident, my second was more of an idea that nobody said no to. Its hard to argue with the beauty of the Skyline to Sea concept: starting from the South San Francisco Bay, park on top of the first ridge line and start hiking until you hit the ocean.

My original plan was to backpack this route over two days, however some overly ambitious and encouraging cohorts convinced me it was doable in a day with light packs. “Its all downhill” they would repeat at my objections. For better or worse, all it takes is an enabler to get me onboard with doing any number of things.


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Thru-Hike: One step at a time into the world of long distance hiking

An Introduction to Thru-Hiking in the Bay Area

Photo by Brice Pollock under CC

I completed my first thru-hike on the Ohlone Wilderness Trail by accident. I was simply looking for a short, strenuous backpacking trip to train for a slightly longer, slightly more strenuous backpacking expedition through Yosemite. However, with each prideful completion of a thru-hike I only grow bolder.


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5 Essential Skills for Winter Backpacking

Trail to Brokeoff Mountain.

This Thanksgiving instead of sitting at a warm table filling my stomach with turkey I decided to go on a solo winter backpacking trip in Lassen Volcanic National Park in Northern California. I spent all but 24 hours of my five day, 65 mile trip either hiking through or sleeping on 6″ to 24″ of snow. Combined with my 20 years experience with snow and ice in Minneswota I’ve compiled a list of five essential skills for the winter backpacking experience.


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